Democratic Republic of Andron (ARN)
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200401 - Present

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Andron is a force known for it's preferance of speed in the C-Fighter War. The group is currently part of SkyClan. It is lead by Andrew, who is known for his ability to go unnoticed by enemy observations for long periods of time.


Andron was formed one Marin after Deron, in 200401. Its leader from the start was Andrew, who named it Space Futures (SF). Unlike Deron, Andron did not encounter the Razos and continued to explore. They became the first Earth-based group to go outside Earth's Solar System.

Andron's Insignia

Easton AllianceEdit

In 200405, Andron formed an alliance with Deron, becoming the Easton Alliance. It was during this time that Andrew changed the group's name to Andron. The alliance is still in exsitence, but much forgoten, due to Andron's new participation with SkyClan.

InterGalactic AllianceEdit

In 200410, Andron found a civilization which he called Moosaton, they became friends and partners and became the InterGalactic Alliance. Many others have started joining for this alliance offers protection againist enemies and more. Deron has still not confirmed nor denied its partnership in the InterGalactic Alliance.

Andron Joins SkyClanEdit

The Easton Alliance was replaced one Marin later due to Andron's participation in SkyClan, although theoretically, if SkyClan were to fall apart (not like it would), Deron and Andron would still be allies under the Easton Alliance.