The Grand Tenocracy of Astron (AST)
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200401 - Present

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Astron is an organization within the Central Powers organization. It was the first group to use the Tenocratic government used by all Central Powers groups (excluding Angon).


Astron was created in 200401 near where Neon and Razon were formed. It remained out of wars for the first few Marins of it's life but became more and more willing to support Deron in it's battle against Razon. In 200405, Astron joined Neon and Razon to form the Central Powers, which was then included in SkyClan because of Neon's existance in SkyClan. During 200407 and 200408, Astron went through a financial crisis. During that time, it was forced to sell it's prized R1s to Deron. However, Deron gave 3 back to Astron and now these ships are most Astron pilot's favorite ships.

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Astron TodayEdit

Astron now stands as a haven for designers. It's home planet of Gialess is covered in beautifly-styled buildings and sculptures. Astro often likes to say that his squadron is "...the coolest looking one. Ever." However, this has been challenged by Netros of Netron