The B-Fighter, or Beta-Fighter, was Deron's first semi-mass produced ship and the ship that lead to the development of the C-Fighter.


The B-Fighter was first built in 200402 by Derek, keep in mind, Deron War Craft didn't exist yet, and saw it's first action against the Razos, later Razon, that same marin. Eventually, 10 were built. Of these long-lived units, one still serves Deron forces today as Derek's personal craft, which he named "Invincible". 7 others exist at Deron's Ship History Museum. The remaining two exist on public display, one near the center of Byzantium II on Derazuma 2, and one onboard the Spectrum.

Uniqueness and Legacy Edit

The B-Fighter's extremely un-aerodynamic shape initially gained criticism from many, but the fact that aerodynamic principals don't apply in space left this with no grounds. The B-Fighter, like numerous other spacecraft, uses a system of smaller rockets to help steer the craft. However, this complex system is controlled by a piloting apparatus that is quite simple in comparison, and was designed to be easily learned. This system was later applied to nearly every other Deron-produced craft, including those made by DWC, as well as Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries.