The Deron War Craft C-Defender is a medium-sized ship that was part of the original Consolidation Line. It was the second ship DWC ever designed, the first being the C-Fighter. It was produced in 4 variations. The Type-1 was the most common, being sold to 8 groups. The Type-2 was a special version originally designed for Leon, which has two C-Fighter-type cannons instead of the one cannon on the Type-1. The Type-3 is basically a Type-1 with a larger windshield and C-Transporter-type boosters. The Type 4 uses a front area similar to the Unit 46, with a pointed front and a windshield at the point. It uses a single Type-1-type cannon. By the time the C-Defender was replaced by the E-Gunship, the Type-4 was the only version still offered.

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