"This is the C-Fighter, our best ship ever." -On the announcement of the C-Fighter

An ARC-4 C-Fighter drawn by FirestrikeZeppelin.

The Consolidation-Fighter (more commonly known as the C-Fighter) is the main ship used in the C-Fighter War. Even the war itself is named after it. The C-Fighter is produced by Deron War Craft.


The C-Fighter was first produced by DWC in 200403 for use against Razon in the Deron-Razon War. Ever since, the "Universal Ship" has been produced and exported constantly.

The C-Fighter NowEdit

Current production stands at over 9,000,000,000,000 (nine trillion). Deron had said the C-Fighter's planned replacement, the D-Fighter, was most likely not going to cause the C-Fighter's exit from the market., and it didn't, with only Deron and Jimon buying the craft. The C-Fighter is "The most famous spacecraft in history.", according to the United Space Republics. DWC once again tried to replace the C-Fighter with another ship called the M-Fighter, but the craft prevailed again when it returned in early 200411.

The EndEdit

The aged C-Fighter was finally replaced in the DWC line in 200415 by the E-Gunship, a larger craft based on the E-Fighter (Magellan). However, there have been rumors that, like the mythical Phoenix, it will return...

C-Fighter Variations (Basic)Edit

For full list of C-Fighter Variations visit the C-Fighter Wiki, since there's too many to list here.