Central Powers (CEN)
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200405 - Present

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The Central Powers is a unique group of allies from the (estimated) center of the universe (The Vatruxies Galaxy). It consists of 4 singular groups: Neon, Razon, Astron and Angon.


The Central Powers alliance was formed on 200405 when Neon, Razon and Astron leaders came together to discuss the current state or their part of the universe. Back then their original name was The Central Universal Space Program Reformation Group, or TCUSPRG (Their name changed officially in 200406, as it was rather long). In 200406, the group Angon was formed. Although not located in the same area as the rest of the Central Powers groups, it joined anyway. The Central Powers had been part of SkyClan since it's formation.
Central Powers

The Central Powers' Insignia, which is also their flag. It is decorated in red and black, traditional colors of the area. The arrow is pointed forward, symbolizing unity and progress.


Each group in the Central Powers (besides Angon) has a system of government unique to those groups. It is known as a "Tenocracy". The way a Tenocracy works is 10 people are elected by the public as the rulers. The function similarly to a combonation of the executive and legistative branches in the United States Government.