Not to be confused with the protagonist Christoan.

Christion Confederation (CRS)
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Christion's final logo.



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Independent Group



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200408 - 200418

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Christion was a minor antagonist in the C-Fighter War. It is lead by Christian. Christion is usually is referred to as "Con", because most people don't want to say Christion's rather long name all the time.


Christion was created in 200408 by a small group of rather strange people from the Universe that everyone disliked. They came together under Christian, a long-time enemy of both Deron and Ethon. In early 200410, Con declared war on Deron only. This conflict was known as the Yastragon War.
Christion Insignia

Christion's Insignia

Near Destrution by the IHITODEdit

Christian and his government were abducted by the IHITOD in early 200411. The IHITOD immedatly declared war (as a "new leader" of Christion) on everyone in the C-Fighter War. The IHITOD also threatened to bring rUBY and Natural Microsoft Sam back from the dead. After a few colomarins, however, the IHITOD formed a new organization, known as Triplon.

Seige of ChristionEdit

On the first colomarin of 200418, anything belonging to Christion suddenly "ceased to exist." Phion was most likely behind the attack, marking the first event during the Uraralic War. It was also the first group to be destroyed by Phion.