Cubicala was once the home planet of Emon and is in the Deron-owned system known as the Deratrea Solar System. It was created as a way of getting rid of potentally deadly asteroids that could strike Deron planets.


An asteroid named Fuestos  was covered in gavatational units. Almost 300 asteroids were moved near Fuestos and were attracted by the gravatational units. The resulting blob of asteroids was compacted together by 200 Cargo Heavy Cs and then flatened off by huge titanium shears. Oxygen, Nitrogen and many trees were introduced to create an atmosphere. By 200409, the new planet, named Cubicala for the cube shape made by the shears, was ready to be perminantly inhabited.

Cubicala After EmonEdit

After Emma was assassinated, and Emon was absorbed into Deron, Cubicala's importance diminished. Since the planet is made up of asteroids, many of which are rich in various minerals, it has a become a center for mining. Also, many heavy industry companies have used the vast areas of unused land to build large factories that produce everything from household robots to large ship-guns. Most of the housing on the planet is for workers and their families.

Cubicala TodayEdit

After the end of Emon, Cubicala became a sort of "base planet" for the construction of the Spectrum-Class ships. Their pre-built keels were brought in, placed in orbit of Cubicala, and were built. The Spectrum was the first to be completed, in late 200416. The planet itself has been transformed into a housing zone for the workers and their families, of which their are over a million. What will become of Cubicala after the Flyer, the last in the series, is completed is unknown.