The United Democratic Planets of Darwon (DWN)
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200403 - present

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The United Democratic Planets of Darwon is an organization run by Darwin. The organization was once part of the Axis Alliance, along with Ethon and Tanon, before it was kicked out in mid 200417. Darwon is now once again part of SkyClan. Darwon recently created an elite division known as Exion.


Darwon was formed in 200403 when 20 people who had escaped Earth's destruction came together on Neptune's moon Triton, site of an old Deron base. Two C-Fighters and one C-Transporter Type-1 were left there with a note. The note read: 

"We know the Earth will be destroyed, and if anyone ends up here, use these ships for your survival. Derek, OL of the Byzantine Federation."

Darwin decided they should form an organization and look for his friend Ethan for help. They activated the ships and flew away, leaving nothing but the note behind. About 3 colomarins later, they found Ethon and asked for help, but Ethon declined because Darwon was too small a group. Darwon then joined SkyClan in 200405 after finding
Darwon Insignia

Darwon's Insignia

their own planet, named Tronica. SkyClan totally revamped Darwon, with more ships, more weapons and more protection. But after the Battle of Gah-Vasco, part of the Gostrusum War, Darwon decided to become neutral. In 200408, Ethon asked Darwon to join the Axis Alliance. Darwon initially refused, but then reluctantly said OK. Slowly, the Axis Alliance was fighting a losing battle in the Sumpter War. Darwon was losing more and more ships. Eventually, in 200410, the losing conditions became too great, and Darwon left the Axis Alliance and became neutral again. Darwon eventually joined the United Space Republics in 200412. By 200413, the Sumpter War had ended, and Darwon rejoined the Axis, which was also by then part of the USR.