The Dastrac War was the longest-running war in SkyClan history. It was fought between SkyClan and Leon. The war started when Leon broke away from SkyClan in 200409. This war ended when Leon rejoined SkyClan in 200411.

Events & HistoryEdit

The Dastrac War started when Leon seperated from SkyClan after a long dispute involving leadership in numerous SkyClan member states. Two colomarins later, the new war was given the name "Dastrac" by a naming computer that randomly selects letters to create easy-to-pronounce names. It was the first use of this machine for a war, as the previous major war was given the rather unimaginative name of the "Deron-Razon War". The first miltary action of the war took place when Leon launched a full-scale attack on the Deratrea Solar System, which is Deron's main base system and home to SkyClan's main base planet, Excalibur. The attack was repelled by SkyClan's "Operation Defensive End", which ended up pushing Leon forces all the way back to the Milky Way Galaxy. In the second major action of the war, known to SkyClan as "Operation Waruck" and "Operation Talon", the initiative changed sides as SkyClan took the offensive. No major Leon offensives would occur for the rest of the war. In Operation Waruck, which lasted just over one marin, Leon's main forces were carefully and secretively surrounded by SkyClan forces, including major reinforcements which had just arrived from the Central Powers. After the buildup was sufficent, the go-ahead for Operation Talon was launched, which cued in over 100,000 SkyClan craft to launch the second largest counterattack in known history, beaten only by the incredible Project Eran. After Operation Talon ended, the vast majority of Leon's armed forces were either destroyed or captured. They managed to hold on for three more marins, but the launch of Operation Heat Wave in late 200410 eventually brought Leon to surrender on 13:200411.