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A cone tree decorated for the holiday.

The Day of Celebration, (also called Christmas in some places) is a universal holiday that takes place on the 85th colomarin every 4 marins. According to Space Law, The Day of Celebration is the only day where no organizations battle or feud with eath other.


The Day of Celebration started on Earth, during the year (not marin) 386 AD, as a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Since then, the holiday idea has been spread all across the universe.


During the Day of Celebration, all pilots, generals, and other members of the military come home and enjoy the day (sometimes more if allowed) with their families. Everyone who celebrates the holiday usually sets up in preperation.

Cone Tree DecorationEdit

A cone tree (or type of tree/plant) is decorated and ornamented with bulbs and lights as a tradition used by most families in the universe. Presents for young people are set under the tree as gifts to them.


Gift-giving another universal tradition that is used by families. The night before the Day of Celebration (Celebration Eve), parents hide gifts under a cone tree for children, often saying that a mysterious man stopped by and
29 treelight lg

The giant cone tree used in the city of Byzantium II. We assure you it is not the tree used at Rockefeller Center.

delivered them (Santa Claus on Earth). Sometimes Celebration Stockings were filled with smaller presents, too.

Other TraditionsEdit

Other traditions that happen during the Day of Celebration are: Caroling, buffets, parading, festivals, and traveling.


People across the universe love celebrating this holiday and most say that the day is very enjoyable. Some tend to disagree, complaning about how they maybe had to clear snow off their drveways. Overall, though, the Day of Celebration is very amusing.