The Derazuma Planet System was the home of the Vectron Federation. It is made of 3 bodies: Derazuma 1, Derazuma 2 and their shared moon Centralia. Now, under the Vectron Federation, it is one of the few planets still controlled by the group.


The DPS has a unique layout with Derazuma 1 and 2 orbiting around each other rapidly, and this quick motion keeps Centralia trapped in the center, which is how the moon got it's name.

Major cities on the DPSEdit

Derazuma 1Edit

  • Eaon- Capital city of Derazuma 1. It houses Deron War Craft's largest production plant.
  • Laxanta- An ancient floating city made 100% out of pummace rock.
  • Contressur- This city is so new it has no roads, only sidewalks for pedestrians.
  • Oura- Mounted on concrete blocks above a flooded valley, this city was the first to use Deron's new Hydro-Prop underwater turbine.
  • Lesoit 1 and Lesoit 2- Two cities located on two halfs of the same island. The island split in two after a huge earthquake, and now the halfs are drifting apart.
  • Wesuma- The main terminal for Deron Hi-Rail, Derazuma 1's rail network.

Derazuma 2Edit

  • Byzantium II- Capital city of Derazuma 2. It was designed to make getting around it easy. Also, it has a really cool skyline (According to Derek.
  • Uber- Capital city of Derazuma 2. It is home to the main terminal for Epsilon Rail, Derazuma 2's rail network.
  • Maverex- This is one of Deron's great citys. It is constructed of only glass, wood and plastic. It's amazing buildings draw many tourists.
  • Hex- This city is made of naturally-forming tugenstien hexagon towers. It also features a force-field.
  • Fiero- Home to the Deron Ship History Museum.