Deron War Craft, or DWC, is the company that builds 70% of the ships used in the C-Fighter War. Even though
Deron War Craft Logo

The Current Deron War Craft Logo

the company is owned by Deron, it is not allowed to deliver low-quality ships to other squadrons, even Deron's enemies. DWC's main rival is Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries.


Deron War Craft was formed in 200401 when Deron started producing their new B-Fighter. From that point on, the company has grown and expanded to form the company most squadrons depend on today. After revolutionizing war with it's Consolidation-Fighter, DWC tried to revolutionize war again with a total revamp of it's line, replacing every Consolidation-Series ship with new Supura-Series craft, starting with the S-Fighter. However, the S-Fighter was swiftly replaced with the E-Gunship, and many other Supura-Series craft never made it into production. Due to this, a few Consolidation-Series craft managed to stay in production.

List of DWC Ships currently in production (able to be ordered)Edit

NRP = Not Regular Production

List of DWC ships no longer in productionEdit

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