Cquote1 One who leads Deron does not just own a ship... he owns INVINCIBLE! Cquote2
Derek describing Invincible

Invincible is the name for Derek's personal B-Fighter. It was originally B-Fighter #2. Derek saved the unit from being displayed at Deron's Ship History Museum. It fought in the last action involving any other B-Fighter (#7), The Final Battle with Ethon, in 200409. It was stated that Invincible was to be replaced by OVGC Independent, but that did not occur.

History Edit

The Invincible was built in Marin 200402 at the then Deron-owned ship factory at Thyrm. It was the second of the 10 B-Fighters built to serve in the Deron-Razon War, and was assigned the designation "Byzantair 002". It served as part of the regular Deron Space Force until Marin 200409, when it was replaced by C-Fighters from the LSF8000-Series order. However, Derek decided to save the ship and use it as his personal fighter for when he went into battle, and it's mechanics and computer systems were rebuilt to M-Fighter specifications. After its rebuilding, it was redesignated "OBGC Invicible", but was changed to "HZX Invincible" once OBGC designations were removed from all war craft. It was also given a special version of the Fresh Green Scheme with the light green stripe replaced by a gold stripe, to represent the fact that it was piloted by the Byzantine leader. It has served in every major conflict since it's creation, and has been given the name "Invincible" since it has never been majorly damaged.

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