Semi-Autonomous Deranian Territory of Jimon (JMN)
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Independent: 200404 - 200405 Under Deron: 200411 - 200418

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Jimon was a very short-lived squad that existed from 200404 to 200405, until in 200411 it was incorperated into Deron After being ruled as "unnecessary," Jimon was ruled as defunct in 200418. It's capital was the city of Valsavik, on the planet Dexalvig.


Jimon was formed by Jimmy after the Final Destruction of Planet Earth. It was always financally troubled, although halfway through 200404, the squad mustered up enough money to buy two C-Fighters and one D-Fighter from Deron War Craft. In 200405, Jimon filed for bankruptcy. Some remanents of the squad joined Deron soon after, and became part of Deron under the Semi-Autonomous Territory of Jimon in 200411.

The EndEdit

In 200418, Derek announced that he was "Streamlining the operations of Deron...", and in doing so "...would eliminate the semi-autonomous government of Jimon, therefore..." "...completeing Jimon's incorperation into Deron."