Corporation of Prestox (COP)
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200410 - 200412, 200414 - present

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Prestox, or more formally, the Corporation of Prestox, was formed in early 200410, was destroyed by Ion in 200412, and resurrected by the Jaysonic Empire and Tylon in 200414.


When the Corporation of Prestox formed, no one knew about it until the USR got "high reports of radiation" from an unknown area. They sent a small fleet of C-Fighters, and found the source, the planet of Corruptia. Preston, the executive administrator, heard about this and immediately declared war on the newest group in the USR, Ion. The executive administrator of Ion, Spencer, who is actually his older brother, was enraged by this and signed the declaration of war, starting the Iorel War.


rUBY's Attack on PrestoxEdit

When rUBY attacked Prestox, their economy took a big hit. They were lucky enough to make less than 25 Hydra-Bs a day and attacked rUBY for as long as they could before rUBY destroyed half their planet. Spencer was generous enough (as an older brother) to give him enough funds to restore the planet and Prestox's economy.

Fall of PrestoxEdit

On 7:200412, a massive "Red" missile created by Ion destroyed Preston and the planet Corruptia. The explosion created mass destruction and Preston's allies like Jayson and Tyler escaped in time. 

Resurrection of PrestoxEdit

On 84:200414, Ion announced that Preston had been reincarnated, and stonger than before. Jayson and Tyler helped to do this, and Prestox now has seized control of their two organizations in an attempt to grow stronger than ever before. Prestox soon relocated to target more locally at Ion by settling on the opposide side of the Triangulum Galaxy.

The Jaysonic EmpireEdit

On 22:200416, the Jaysonic Empire broke off of Prestox and declared an attack to Spencon only. Two colomarins later, all of the Jaysonic Empire were wiped from the Universe.

Prestox TodayEdit

Today, Prestox owns a string of planets in the Triangulum Galaxy, and has joined Ion in hopes of looking for new technology.