Z- rUBY-master-transmuter 1

rUBY in a bipedal, mobile form.

rUBY ( r Unielectronic Biosimulator Yottacomputer [the r doesn't stand for anything, its just to complete the word] ), simulates plant growth and projects 3D, touchable holographs that seem actually real. It was previously attacked by Stevon (the rebels) and on its own, rUBY protected itself, launching remotly contolled C-Fighters and changing all the plant scenery to weapons. How rUBY got the plans of the Unmanned Ground Turret (a top-secret prototype at the time) and other weapons is unknown. Soon after the computer's very first battle (called the Battle of Algernon) the computer chose a human-sounding voice on its own, rather than having its genderless monotone voice. It chose a female voice, and soon after, people on the planet started calling it "she" and "her". I am afraid that with it making its own disisions, it might break away from Stevonia, upon becoming "too" smart. For these reasons, we have recently created a similar machine on a large asteroid obiting Algernon. The asteroid is now covered in technology the original asteroid no longer visible from the outside. All this machinery has grown the asteroid to the size of a small moon. This machinery is basically a laser that would shoot a disabling virus. The virus formula is not located on any file, therefore rUBY cannot find it and make virus protection for itself. The virus formula is written on no longer used "paper" and kept in a highy complex safe in Steven's office. That moon/computer, named Yottabyte, is the second and final moon owned by Stevonia.