This event started with the start of the First Gostrusum War in 200407. In 200409, Ethon decared war on SkyClan, starting the Sumpter War, and Leon decared war, starting the Dastrac War. These three simultaneous wars gave the event's name.

Events leading up to the warEdit

Near the beginning of 200409, Ethon shocked the universe by declaring war on the very powerful SkyClan. The Sumpter War then followed. Later in that marin, Leon suddenly declared war and left SkyClan because of a heated debate going on about the future of the C-Fighter War.

Events during the warEdit

Now, SkyClan was now fighting 3 wars at once, including the First Gostrusum War, which was fought between Deron and Stevonia. During that war, SkyClan was also part of a brief alliance with Jacob called ThunderClan. Meanwhile, the Dastrac War (SkyClan-Leon) was still occuring. During this war, Spencon was founded. Also, Tanon and Darwon joined Ethon and became the Axis Alliance, although Darwon would later become neutral and eventually join the United Space Republics.

Events leading to the end of the warEdit

The end of the First Gostusum War near the end of 200409 first signaled the end of the Triple War. However, in 200410, the Yastragon War with Christion was started, and the event resumed. It continued until 200411, when the Sumpter War with the AA was ended with SkyClan's victory. Also, in early 200411, the Dastrac War ended with another SkyClan victory. Leon then rejoined SkyClan.