"With millions of runs crossing SkyClan territory every colomarin, SpaceWay is THE most conveneient way to travel, period." - From a SpaceWay commercial

The SpaceWay is a mass-transit system used mainly by Deron, some parts of SkyClan, Stevonia and Ion. It uses harmless lasers and light sensors mounted on tubes to tell the spaceway cars were to go. The company currently has 5 routes (1A, 2B, 3C, 4D, 5E) The cars themselves have no wheels and have a large tube/sensor array mounted on the roof. The 4D route is used to connect the SpaceWay with Spencon's AstroTran.

The TransCentral Edit

The TransCentral is a major SpaceWay station that is located at the intersection of many SpaceWay routes, making it quite a busy station. It is actually a large, spherical space station, unlike the rectangular prism shape of most SpaceWay stations, and houses a storage complex for various sets of SpaceWay equipment. It has been nicknamed the "Death Star" due to it's appearance.

Ships Edit

The SpaceWay is notorious for using otherwise Andron-only versions of ships, such as C-Defenders and C-Transporters, which it uses due to their unique appearance.

SpaceWay RoutesEdit

1: 1 Route (Deratrea Solar System Route)

  • 1A: Deratrea Local
  • 1B: Deratrea Express
  • 1C: Derazuma Shuttle
  • 1D: Electrica Shuttle

2: 2 Route (Derazuma-Stevonia Route)

  • 2A: Derazuma-Stevonia Express

3: 3 Route (Andromeda Route)

  • 3A: Andromeda Local
  • 3B: Andromeda Express
  • 3C: Andromeda Skip-Stop

4: 4 Route (Electrica-Catharsis Route)

  • 4A: Electrica-Catharsis Express

5: 5 Route (Housatonic Line)

  • 5A: Byzantium-Thyrm Super-Express
  • 5B: Byzantium-Thyrm Local

6: 6 Route (Spectrum-Class Route)

  • 6A: Spectrum - Leviathan Express
  • 6B: Leviathan - Xcelsus Express
  • 6C: Xcelsus - Trigon Express
  • 6D: Trigon - Mercury Express
  • 6D: Mercury - Flyer Express
  • 6F: Flyer - Spectrum Express


AstroTran is similar to SpaceWay but is owned by Ion. AstroTran currently has these tran lines:

  • Triangulum Line
    • sPATH
      • MSLA Local
      • PLUX Local
    • Tetron Line
    • Axon Line