Syvaeconic Prime (SCN)
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200409 - present

Ex. Administrator

Spencer Gunning

Spencon is a group founded in late 200409 that is currently located in the Triangulum Galaxy.


When Spencon formed in late 200409, the executive administrator, Spencer, ordered for Central Core and all of its citys to be built on Catharsis. This first command by Spencer compled the first of the six sides on the cubic planet soon after.

The Hyphoria-Catharsis AmbushEdit

In early 200410, after all of Catharsis was finished being built, a small barbarian tribe known as Hyphoria attacked Catharsis, trying to take control of the planet in its "development stage." The battle lasted 28 millimarins, and became known as the Hyphoria-Catharsis Ambush.

Wars Spencon has Participated InEdit

Relationships Between GroupsEdit


Deron and Spencon are very friendly towards each other, but Spencon will overreact sometimes and attack Deron without warning due to disputes. Deron usually reacts by easily fending off Spencon's attacks. Spencon views Deron as a true leader in the war.


Spencon is very friendly towards Stevonia. After the Trinimine War, relations dropped and were unstable for a few marins, but friendship was regained between both groups. Spencon views Stevonia as a great leader in the war.


Spencon is very generous to Prestox, once giving him a donation to help fund for rUBY's attacks. But, as he now re-rises from power Spencon is faced with a new threat. Prestox and Spencon are currently at peace. Spencon views Prestox as a nuisance and somewhat of an opponent.


Spencon funded Briton's growth until the Xerglings attacked and Spencon went into lockdown. After a short dispute that went on for about marin, they now currently have an alliance with each other.

Participation in GroupsEdit

Spencon is an official member of the USR under Ion, the major group created by Spencon. Spencer has an extremely high level of tenacity for the C-Fighter War, giving him an advantage like the rest of the members of the USR.

Notable Members of SpenconEdit

  • Spencer - The founder and executive administrator of Spencon.
  • General Haeson Video - Vice administrator and military general.
  • Nitro Kazray - Director of Operations.
  • Syrikon Starl - Director of Weapon Construction.
  • Flux Truss - Director of Planet Control.
  • Septon Dyer - Director of Variable Works.