Sumpter War





SkyClan Victory

Major battles

Battle of Saturn

Battle of Avusk

Battle of Artal

Battle of Neliux

Final Battle of Sumpter



Ion (in 200410)

Prestox (in 200410)

Axis Alliance






The Sumpter War is another war dating back to the 200409 Triple War. It is fought between SkyClan and the Axis Alliance. The war was actually on hold due to SkyClan and the Axis' alliance against Stevonia in the Second Gostrusum War, but later, once that war ended, SkyClan finally defeated the Axis in 200411.

Events & HistoryEdit

The Sumpter War began when Ethon launched a major attack on Deron's major city in the Milky Way galaxy, Thyrm, as well as one on the Deratrea Solar System. Both of these attacks came after Ethon abandoned a possible alliance with Deron. SkyClan's first offensive action came in the form of Operation Saturn, whose sole purpose was to be a counter attack launched from Iapetus, hence the name. At the same time, Operation Jakavit was launched to rid Ethon forces from the Andromeda Galaxy. This took longer than expected, however, when Ethon and Tanon joined together to form the Axis Alliance. Jakavit was successful, however, and SkyClan took the offensive. Darwon was also sucked into the Axis Alliance after Jakavit ended, but that did little to prevent Deron from launching Operation Dusk, which became the second offensive from Thyrm of the war. It also set the stage for Operation Quarant, in which SkyClan forces (with the exception of Deron) entered the Milky Way for the first time. During this time, Operation Retaliator occured, which was actually a series of negotiatons that ended with Darwon exiting the war and becoming neutral. Ethan was furious, but he had worse things to deal with, as SkyClan's Twin Operations Mavenel and Gentaliux were causing chaos in Tanon and Ethon respectivly, and the Axis was losing the war. He decided to launch a small force of elite pilots to strike at the heart of a Andron convoy. Unfortunately for the Axis, the squadron ran into a group of 15 Horizox pilots who were escorting the convoy, and were all eliminated except for the leader, who managed to escape back to Ethon territory, only to be destroyed by a Deron J-Fighter on patrol duty. It was during this time that the Second Gostrusum War occured. Since, at this time, both SkyClan and the Axis Alliance had a mutual hatred of the Stormbringer Empire, and they declared a temporary truce to destroy their common enemy. After this occured, the war resumed again with SkyClan's Operation Homuha, which, unlike Operation Retaliator, was anything but diplomatic. Only 16 colomarins later, Tanon exited the war due to lack of an effective fighting force. This left only Ethon's crumbling armed forces, which were reletively easy for SkyClan to destory in Operation Galiant, which ended the war in late 200411.