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Tanon is an organization that is lead by Tanner. It was a member of the Axis Alliance, along with Ethon and Darwon, before both were kicked out in mid 200417. Tanon could also be considered a confederation, but it prefers the "Consolidation" term, to separate itself from the failures of other confederations before. However, Tanon is also in the process of doing exactly what it meant not to do.


Tanon is the only government system for an singular group of it's kind, being a consolidated board of leaders from various groups, similar to the leadership board of many alliances, such as SkyClan or Ion, but unique for a singular group.


Tanon was formed in 200402 by SkyClan as a consolidation of groups lead by Ethan, leader of Ethon's friends smaller groups such as Kylon, Conon, Jaron, Peteon and the original Tanon. Tanon joined Ethon's Axis Alliance in 200408. Tanon is lead by a council of the leaders of these groups, but Tanner is the supreme leader. It struggled during the Sumpter War, which it and Darwon wern't really involved in at all and were dragged into by Ethon. If SkyClan hadn't ended the war when it had, Tanon might have left the Axis.
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Tanon's Insignia


Every since the Sumpter War, Tanon's loose alliance of groups has been slowly crumbling away, as more and more groups become dissatisfied with the Tanon leadership. Darwon, Gaugon, and Peteon are the major groups to leave, but numerous other smaller groups, and even individuals, have left the Consolidation. This situation was not helped by Ethon kicking Tanon out of the Axis Alliance in 200417, at which point many Ethon loyalists forcefully exited the Consolidation, further weakening it.