The Tentus War was a war fought between SkyClan and Prestox. It was started after Prestox mysteriously started attacking SkyClan and Deron bases and planets. As usual, SkyClan fought back fiercly, launching counterattacks, raids on Prestox planets and defending itself well. The war occured untill rUBY started doing major damage. The war may have restarted because Spencon had given SkyClan permission to attack if nessicary, but Spencon's destruction of Prestox ended that possibility. Prestox was eventually reformed as a protagonist, and Prestox and SkyClan no longer fight, but the war was never officially called off, so technically they were still at war. This left an interesting debate within the USR. There were quite a few different views taken on this situation:

  • SkyClan and Prestox were still at war, and it should be ended.
  • Since the war was against the "old" Prestox, the war was not against the "new" Prestox, and was over.
  • Some extremists in what was known as the "Universal Anti-Prestox Party" wanted SkyClan to take advantage of this loophole and eliminate Prestox for good.

Eventually, the war was ended in 200419.