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200407 - Present

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Derek, Steven, Spencer, and Andrew

The United Space Republics (also known as the USR) is ultimately the allicance between all protagonists. The USR consists of 4 parts- SkyClan, the Stormbringer Empire, Ion, and The Trans-Mallux. At one point, the Axis Alliance was also a member, but it ended it's membership after the declaration of the Triglac War.


The USR was created by SkyClan in 200407 as a supreme ruling power in the known universe. Derek decided that after the First Gostrusum War ended, SkyClan and Stevonia should combine their efforts and create the ultimate protagonist group. One colomarin after the war ended in 200409, SkyClan and Stevonia leaders meat in Adon territory to discuss plans for the "United Space Republics". It wasn't easy. But eventualy, the second
United Space Republics

United Space Repubics Insignia

largest group in C-Fighter War history was created.


Amongst multinational organizations throughout history, the USR has been rather, unstable. Of the five historic member states, all except The Trans-Mallux have fought each other at least once, with the majority of major wars occurring due to this infighting.

The USR TodayEdit

Today, the USR is one of the largest groups in the galaxy. It has at least 25,000 executive members, and is ultimatly the most powerful group around. Although sometimes the governing members go at war, collapse of the USR is not expected to happen anytime soon.


In 200411, Ion suddenly broke from the USR and started a new squadron, the R (Revised)-USR, to be led by Ion. However, no one disliked the long-standing SkyClan-led system, and, fearing a crackdown like that which Ion committed unto Deron a few vetamarins earlier, no other organization joined.

Be UpdatedEdit

The USR always wants to keep it's members informed and at the ready. The USR will automatically notify members of an alert/update. To check the message board listing all updates given in the last 20 colomarins, click here. To see other updates given after 20 colomarins, click here.

Leading Members of the USREdit

The Big FourEdit

These are the four main members with the leadership of the four largest singular groups in the USR (all divisions).

  • Derek: One of the four more powerful people in the USR. Derek created the first set of laws the USR uses. He was one of two major people, the other being Andrew, who first started the group.
  • Steven: [Assigned: StormbringerEmpire791]
  • Spencer: Another one of the four more powerful people in the USR. Created Dubstep weaponry, and is one of the lesser-known leaders. He joined in late 200410 under the Ionic Republic.
  • Andrew: [Assigned: Phont]