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"Yeah. 'Cause people LOVE taking guided tours of warzones..." - Aden responding to Derek's idea of making WarTours.

WarTours is a company jointly run between Deron and Adon. Deron chooses good battle locations and maintains the fleet of ships, while neutral Adon tells groups fighting not to fire at the ships. However, the ships, designated "WTS-2"s, always have their force fields up. Squadron Designation: WTS


WarTours is one of the most successful buisnesses in the known universe. It turns out that Derek was right when he said "There must be plenty of C-Fighter War fans out there!" The company payed for it's own startup costs within the first two weeks of buisness. It has earned Deron and Adon over $1,000,000,000 dollars since it's start in 200407

The WarTours Insignia